This article is about the fictional character. For the writer, see William F. Zorzi.

William "Bill" Zorzi is a veteran courthouse reporter for The Baltimore Sun.


Zorzi is facing an increased workload since the last round of buyouts. He is now covering the court house and working the rewrite position on the weekend. He is an acerbic and profane presence, particularly when his workload increases.

Season 1

At a police press conference, Zorzi asked Major Rawls to confirm that the shooting of William Gant was unrelated to his testimony in a murder trial. Both Rawls and Detective Moreland confirmed that they were investigating Gant's involvement in an unrelated street altercation. ("The Buys")

Season 5

Zorzi often smoked with his colleagues Phelps, Twigg, Haynes, and Price. ("More with Less")



Season 1
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Season 5
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