Walon is a drug rehabilitation counselor.



Walon is recovering drug addict and drug rehabilitation counselor who was once married.

Season 1

Walon spoke at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting attended by Bubbles and Johnny Weeks. ("One Arrest") Walon later attempted to encourage his nephew to stop using. Walon remarked that his nephew hasn't "come close to hitting his bottom". ("Game Day")

Bubbles' conversations with Walon help him realise that he wants to get clean. When he makes a serious attempt, Walon gives him advice on keeping clean, which Bubbles is unable to stick with.

Season 4

Years later, when Bubbles is locked in a medical rehab facility, Walon visits him to again help him with his sobriety and grief after Bubbles caused the accidental death of his business partner, Sherrod.

Season 5

Walon becomes Bubbles's NA sponsor but has trouble getting Bubbles to open up about Sherrod's death at NA meetings. He also supports Bubbles when he gets himself tested for HIV. When the test comes back negative, Bubbles seems disappointed but Walon tells him he can't dwell on his past for an explanation.



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  • Earle is a singer/songwriter and recovering heroin addict. Earle also performs the theme song for the fifth season, and his song "I Feel Alright" is featured in the montage at the end of the second season. When Omar leaves for New York at the end of "The Cost" his line appears to be taken from Earle's song "NYC." The original lyric is "Must be something happening there, it's just too big a town."


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