Although there are minor contradictions or inaccuracies, there is a fairly accurate timeline that can be deduced from The Wire.



Date Event
September 17, 1969 Russell Bell is born.
August 15, 1970 Avon Barksdale is born. ("The Buys")
1974 Howard Colvin joins the Baltimore Police Department.
Summer 2000 Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice shoots Maurice Scroggins twice in the back of the head. ("The Target")
May 4, 2001 D'Angelo Barksdale shoots and kills Pooh Blanchard. ("The Target")
May 13, 2001 Nakeesha Lyles allegedly calls Frank Barlow twice to identify another shooter. ("The Target")
June 3, 2001 William Gant identifies D'Angelo Barksdale in a photo array. ("The Target")

Season 1

Date Event
February 14, 2002 D'Angelo Barksdale is acquitted for the murder of Pooh Blanchard; Homicide Unit Detective McNulty approaches Judge Phelan to discuss the Barksdale Organization; McNulty and Detective Greggs type up reports on Barksdale for their unit commanders; Avon reprimands D'Angelo
February 15, 2002 D'Angelo is transferred to "The Pit"; Foerster and Rawls submit their briefings to Burrell, who instructs Daniels to assemble a detail to investigate Avon Barksdale
February 16, 2002 McNulty meets with Fitz; the Barksdale detail assembles; "The Pit" crew assaults Johnny; Bubbles meets with Kima to provide information on Johnny's assailants; D'Angelo and Stringer debate the necessity of Johnny's beating
February 17, 2002[1] Bunk investigates the murder of William Gant; Frazier performs Gant's autopsy; the Barksdale Detail arrives at their basement office; Daniels complains to Assistant State's Attorney Rhonda Pearlman about the incompetent Barksdale Detail; Greggs, Herc, and Carver begin taking photographs of Barksdale Organization members; Bunk and McNulty arrest D'Angelo; Daniels meets with Lieutenant Cantrell to request Detective Sydnor; Burrell, Rawls, Foerster, and Daniels discuss Gant's murder; Daniels confronts McNulty; D'Angelo writes an apology letter to Gant's "family" and Maurice Levy retrieves D'Angelo
February 18, 2002[2] Sydnor joins the Barksdale Detail; Daniels outlines the detail's organization and goals; Greggs and McNulty show Daniels D'Angelo's letter; Bubbles identifies key Barksdale Organization members for Greggs and McNulty; Avon hosts a community church gathering
March 9, 2002 Prez assaults a fourteen-year-old in an early morning altercation at 771 Franklin; the Sun releases an article about Gant's identity as a state's witness; Daniels provides Prez with a cover story; McNulty confronts Phelan; Marla and Daniels discuss the incident; Daniels discover Prez blinded the boy
March 10, 2002 Burrell, Foerster, Daniels, Southeastern Commander Stanislaus Valchek, and IID Commander and Major Robert "Bobby" Reed discuss the boy's blinding; Bodie, Wallace, and D'Angelo play chess; Santangelo asks Rawls to be transferred back to Homicide; Polk and Mahon pick up a photo of another Avon Barksdale; Freamon stops by Golden Gloves
March 11, 2002 Greggs and McNulty visit Fitzhugh; Omar stakes out the Pit; D'Angelo talks to Shardene;
March 12, 2002 Freamon delivers the Barksdale photo; Bubbles assesses Sydnor's attire and takes him to the low-rises; Daniels informs the detail they're conducting a raid on Wednesday; McNulty asks Pearlman how to clone a pager beeper; Omar robs "The Pit"
March 13, 2002 The Barksdale Detail does search and seizures; Freamon notices a number on the wall; Mahon is injured; Fitzhugh tells McNulty that BPD brought concerns to the FBI concerning Daniels
March 14, 2002 Bodie breaks out of a youth detention center; Landsman gives McNulty the Deidre Kresen case; Bubbles tells Greggs Omar robbed the Barksdales; Omar redistributes heroin to the community; Avon orders a hit on Omar; McNulty takes Bubbles to his son's soccer game
March 15, 2002 Bodie returns home and D'Angelo details Kressen's murder to Bodie, Poot, and Wallace; Phelan informs Burrell that the search and seizures are not sufficient; Herc and Carver look for Bodie at his mother's; Landsman advocates for McNulty to Rawls; Greggs notices Cheryl's cell phone bill (dated Wednesday, March 13, 2002); Burrell mentions Phelan's qualms to Daniels
March 16, 2002 Freamon pages D'Angelo with the number found on the wall in the raid; McNulty and Greggs discuss cloning pagers, cell phone calls, and Omar; Freamon explains the pager system and Daniels agrees to a wiretap affidavit; Bunk and McNulty review Kressen's crime scene; Freamon explains how he ended up in the pawnshop unit and McNulty drunkenly thanks Greggs
May? Forty days after the wire is approved. ("Lessons")
May McNulty requests another twenty days. They've been on Barksdale for three months. ("Game Day")
September 17, 2002 D'Angelo Barksdale is arrested for transporting drugs in Essex County, New Jersey

Season 2

Date Event
January 22, 2003 Season 2 starts.
January 23, 2003 The Atlantic Light arrives in Baltimore, Maryland.
February 5, 2003 The Atlantic Light arrives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
March 1, 2003 Picture is mailed from New Orleans, Louisiana to Valchek's office. ("Hard Cases")
March, 2003 The events of 2x04. Calendar in Stringer's office.
April 13th, 2003 Fuzzy Dunlop becomes a CI. ("Duck and Cover")
May 23rd, 2003 Kristos Koutris inspects Patapsco Cargo Terminal. ("Stray Rounds")
June 12, 2003 Lester looks up automobile registration dates. ("Storm Warnings")
June 23, 2003 Frank Sobotka arrives at the union hall to pick up work. ("Bad Dreams")
June 24, 2003 Frank Sobotka turns himself in, meets with The Greek, and is murdered by Spiros Vondopoulos. ("Bad Dreams")
June 25, 2003 Frank's body is discovered and Nickolas Sobotka turns himself in. ("Bad Dreams")
July 13, 2003 Van letter is delivered from Brisbane, Australia. ("Port in a Storm")

Season 3

Date Event
September 24, 2004 Avon Barksdale is released from Maryland Correctional Institute - Jessup.
Shortly after November 2, 2004 The presidential election is discussed.
December 19, 2004 Russell Bell is murdered and the Barksdale Crew is arrested.

Season 4

Date Event
August 22nd, 2006 Curtis Anderson murders Fruit. The primary is a "month away". ("Boys of Summer")
September 12, 2006 Thomas Carcetti wins the Democratic primary in the 2006 Baltimore mayoral election.[3]
September 22, 2006 Laetitia cuts Chiquan. ("Home Rooms")  ("Refugees")
September 25, 2006 A girl identifies Lex in a photo array to Bunk. ("Refugees")
October 25, 2006 Thomas Carcetti wins the 2006 Baltimore mayoral election.[4]
November 6, 2006 Thomas Carcetti begins his first term as mayor of Baltimore.[5]
November 20, 2006 Little Kevin's missing persons report is filed.
December 12, 2006 Preston Broadus is murdered. ("Final Grades")

Season 5

Date Event
Early March Show starts in early March, fifteen months after end of Season 4.
Early April Buyouts begin, described as early April. ("Not for Attribution")
Sunday, May 25, 2008 Bubble's story is published.[6]
November 4, 2008 Thomas Carcetti is elected governor of Maryland.
January 16, 2009 Thomas Carcetti begins his first term as governor of Maryland.[7]


  1. "The Detail" During Pearlman and Daniels' meeting, there is a bulletin board pin-up that reads "Happy Birthday, Michael Jordan! February 17, 2002." This aligns with D'Angelo's later statement in Old Cases that he was in the Baltimore City Detention Center for eight months and the date on William Gant's photo array identification card.
  2. "The Detail" At Avon's church gathering, a February 2002 calendar is visible in the background.
  3. Primary elections for State and City offices in Maryland were held on the second Tuesday after the first Monday in September in 2006.
  4. The general election for mayor of Baltimore is held on the fourth Wednesday of October.
  5. The mayor's term of office begins on the first Monday of November following the general election.
  6. "-30-" His story is published in Issue 146 of The Baltimore Sun (the 146th day of 2008) which is Sunday, May 25, 2008.
  7. According to the Maryland Constitution, the governor's term of office commences on the third Wednesday of January following the election.
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