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Theresa D'Agostino is a campaign manager who works with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.



D'Agostino graduated from Maryland law-school at the same time as councilman Tommy Carcetti.

Season 3

In 2004, Carcetti aggressively pursued D'Agostino to work as his campaign manager for his planned run for Mayor of Baltimore. She was reluctant to work for a white candidate in a predominantly black city, but Carcetti convinced her nonetheless. D'Agostino quickly planned a strategy for the campaign. Carcetti suggested they use his colleague Anthony Gray, who was also planning to run, to split the black voter base. D'Agostino pursued a casual relationship with Detective McNulty, but he ends the relationship when he realizes that she does not value it highly.

D'Agostino arranged for Carcetti to receive coaching on his public speaking. She felt that he was too focused on winning arguments and that he should place appearing likable first. When Carcetti discovered that a police district commander, Howard "Bunny" Colvin, had created drug-tolerant zones, D'Agostino saw an opportunity to attack the current mayor, Clarence Royce, and encouraged her candidate to use it. He used this to launch into an inspiring (yet shallow) speech.

Season 4

In 2006, the campaign was in full swing, and D'Agostino worked alongside new deputy campaign manager Norman Wilson. She encouraged Carcetti to become involved in fundraising, forcing him to stay in his office until he had raised set amounts. She also shielded him as best she could from polling data that did not meet his expectations. D'Agostino's strategizing and Wilson's hard work on the campaign trail contributed to Carcetti's victory in the mayoral primary. D'Agostino chose the night of his win to approach him for her "win bonus" by seducing him. When Carcetti resisted her advances she was bemused but respected his wishes. D'Agostino returned to Washington with a higher profile to work for the DCCC after her success in Baltimore.



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