JohnClarke1 JohnClarke1 10 July 2015

6 sensational artworks inspired by The Wire

For all fans of The Wire. Must see.You'll enjoy this one. Some funny and some extraordinary.

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Opark 77 Opark 77 18 September 2012


We are rewatching the series on Sunday nights. We started with season 1, episode 1 "The Target" on Sunday 12 August 2012. We are aiming to improve our content as we go back through the show. To get i…

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Idabr Idabr 8 January 2012

The city gang of the Movie Wire

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Idabra Idabra 17 December 2011

I like the target on the wire because my man is on there.

My man name is Clayton Lebouef. I love how he played the characters in that movie and the others too.

I just love how he betrayed in it, I get all excited just by watching him playing in that scene. I…

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