The Practice is an American legal drama created by David E. Kelley centering on the partners and associates at a Boston law firm. The show won the Emmy in 1998 and 1999 for Best Drama Series, and spawned the spin-off series Boston Legal. The Practice focuses on the law firm of Robert Donnell and Associates. Plots typically feature the firm's involvement in various high-profile criminal and civil cases that often mirror current events. There are a number of crossovers with other David E. Kelley shows, including Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, and the short-lived medical drama Gideon's Crossing. The Practice is one of David E. Kelley's more serious-themed shows, lacking the comedic breaks found in McBeal, Legal, and others.

Shared cast members

  • John Doman has played three roles:
    • Detective in the season 5 episode "What Child is This?"
    • Testifying Detective in the season 5 episode "Mr. Hink Goes to Town"
    • Officer Finlay in the season 4 episode "Life Sentende"
  • Paul Ben-Victor has a recurring role as Bernard "Benny" Smalls in season 2
  • Dick Stilwell guest starred as Donald Kent in the season 4 episode "Checkmates".

Shared crew members

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