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The Greeks are a powerful organized crime syndicate led by The Greek. They are based in the predominantly Greek-American neighborhood of Highlandtown in southeastern Baltimore. 

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Their members are of Greek and Eastern European heritage. Until 2003, they operated out of a Greek restaurant named Little Johnny's.

Season 2

By 2003, the Greeks paid IBS Local 1514 checkers to facilitate the importation narcotics, stolen goods, and women.


The Greek

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The mysterious and unnamed boss.

Spiros Vondas

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The second-in-command.

Sergei "Serge" Malatov

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Sergei Malatov is a former enforcer who drove the stolen goods until he was sentenced to life without parole in 2003.

Eton Ben-Eleazer

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Eton Ben-Eleazer is a former lieutenant in charge of drug distribution until his incarceration in 2003.

George "Double G" Glekas

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Glekas was the fence until his murder in 2003.

Ilona Petrovna

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Petrovna is a former madam who ran a brothel until her incarceration in 2003.