The Greeks are a powerful Organized crime organization is led by a man known only as The Greek. Based in Highlandtown in Southeastern Baltimore, a predominantly Greek neighborhood of the city, they pay off the I.B.S. dock workers to facilitate the importation and distribution of drugs and illegal goods through the port. They were a tangential part of the investigation in season two, but the organization survived largely intact. The following is a list of characters associated with that organization. Their members seems to be primary of Greek or Eastern-European descent.

-The Greeks- (from The Wire - organization chart)
The GreekEdit
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Crime Boss of an organized crime organization who shrewdly avoids any police investigation and always puts business first. Is not actually Greek.

Spiros VondasEdit
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The second-in-command of an international organized crime organization.

Sergei "Serge" MalatovEdit
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Sergei Malatov is a trusted lieutenant and enforcer in The Greek's nefarious import business.

Eton Ben-EleazerEdit
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Eton Ben-Eleazer is a top lieutenant of the Greek's crime organization in charge of drug distribution in Baltimore that supplied narcotics to smaller drug organizations such as Proposition Joe, Mike McArdle and Petey Dixon.

George "Double G" GlekasEdit
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Glekas runs a warehouse and appliance store for The Greek under the name Pyramid Industries and acts as the organization's fence.

Ilona PetrovichEdit
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Petrovich is a madam who run a brothel for The Greek. Her "girls" are smuggled women from Eastern Europe.


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