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The Corner is a 2000 HBO television miniseries based on the book The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood by David Simon and Ed Burns and adapted for television by Simon and David Mills.

The Corner chronicles the life of a family living in poverty amid the open-air drug markets of West Baltimore.

Shared cast members with The Wire


Dope fiends

Corner boys



  • Fran Boyd played a detox clinic nurse and appears as herself in a non-fiction segment in The Corner and an AIDS clinic nurse on The Wire. Fran is played by Khandi Alexander in The Corner.
  • George "Blue" Epps plays a shelter worker and appears as himself in a non-fiction segment in The Corner and has a cameo as a patron in Butchie's bar in The Wire. Blue is played by Glenn Plummer in The Corner.
  • Tyreeka Freamon plays a cashier and appears as herself in a non-fiction segment in The Corner and plays a clerk and the school secretary in The Wire. Toy Connor plays Tyreeka Freamon in The Corner.
  • Stanley Boyd plays a neighbor in The Corner and Cherry in The Wire. Stanley Boyd is played by Clayton LeBoeuf in The Corner.
  • Mia Arnice Chambers plays Peaches in The Corner and Squeak in The Wire.
  • Tootsie Duvall plays Miss Mary in The Corner and Marcia Donnelly in The Wire.
  • Pete Burris plays a crab worker in The Corner and a judge in The Wire.
  • Robert F. Colesberry played a judge in The Corner and Detective Ray Cole in The Wire.
  • David Simon appears uncredited as a plainclothes officer in The Corner and again as a newspaper reporter in The Wire.
  • Tony Head plays a school principal in The Corner and IAD Major Bobby Reed in The Wire.
  • Shenia Hatchett plays Shanice in The Corner and guest stars in the fourth season of The Wire.
  • Robert F. Chew plays a footlocker salesman in The Corner and Proposition Joe in The Wire.
  • Frederick Strother plays a doctor in The Corner and Odell Watkins in The Wire.
  • Delaney Williams plays the scale guy in The Corner and Jay Landsman in The Wire.
  • Dave Trovato plays a construction foreman in The Corner and Lieutenant / Major Cantrell in The Wire.
  • De'Rodd Hearns plays Ronald on The Corner and Puddin on The Wire. Sylvester Lee Kirk plays De'Rodd in The Corner.
  • Denise Preddy plays Marzell in The Corner and Miss Ella in The Wire. Miss Ella is played by Tyra Ferrell in The Corner.
  • Harold Able, Sr. plays a car owner in The Corner and Chess in The Wire.
  • Dick Stilwell plays a steel worker in The Corner and police commissioner Warren Frazier in the season 1 The Wire episode "The Hunt".
  • Brian Anthony Wilson plays Lanny in The Corner and has a recurring role as homicide detective Vernon Holley in all 5 seasons of The Wire.
  • Norris Davis appears in The Corner and plays Vinson in The Wire.
  • Jeffrey Lorenzo played a child in The Corner and Karim Williams in The Wire.
  • Chuck Jeffreys played an A-rabber in The Corner and has done stunt work on The Wire.
  • John Bobby does background work on both series according to IMDb.
  • William Shipman appears uncredited as a gang member in The Corner and again as a police detective in The Wire.
  • Chris Clanton was an extra playing basketball at the teams first practice on The Corner (according to his resume) and plays Savino Bratton on The Wire.

Shared crew members

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