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Terrance "Fitz" Fitzhugh is a special agent in Squad Six of the FBI's Baltimore Field Office.



Fitzhugh began investigating narcotics trafficking for the FBI's Baltimore Field Office in 1998. ("The Buys")

Season 1

Fitz met with Jimmy McNulty to discuss a drug distribution surveillance case on Homer Avenue in Pimlico. Fitz revealed the investigation would be the office's final as the FBI transitions to counterterrorism. Fitz inspires McNulty to use modern electronic surveillance against the Barksdale organization by showing how they to set up video surveillance on a drug production ring. He tells McNulty it would be the last major bureau drug investigation in Baltimore because they are shifting resources to counter-terrorism. Fitz helps McNulty again by giving him some of the FBI's less bulky recording devices. He also warns McNulty that his commander Cedric Daniels was investigated for corruption by the FBI and they had found an excess of liquid assets. After they handed the case over to Deputy Commissioner Ervin Burrell, nothing further came of it.

Season 2

Fitz also becomes involved with McNulty's teams case against Frank Sobotka. Major Valchek calls in the FBI when he feels that the case had strayed too far from Sobotka. The FBI has a particular interest in corrupt unions, and quickly go after the Dockworkers' Local. When a leak within the FBI seriously damages the case, Fitz realizes who it was and broke the news to Lieutenant Daniels.

Season 3

Fitz supplies the major case unit with photo-enhancing technology that they use to check number plates on Barksdale organization vehicles. Fitz is then called on for a final favor from Cedric Daniels, an immediate wiretap on Stringer Bell as time is limited in retrieving cell phone information from him. Fitz then goes to the FBI changing Bell's original name from Russell to Ahmed claiming he has ties to terrorist organizations giving Daniel's unit an immediate surveillance of Bell.

Season 5



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  • Fitz is based on a real FBI agent named Jake Fitzsimmons who collaborated on cases with writer and ex-detective Ed Burns.[1]


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