The Wire
The Wire

Tank was an enforcer in the Barksdale Organization.


Season 2

He is first seen working with Country checking up on newly promoted crew chief Preston Broadus as he makes a trip to collect a new package of narcotics. ("Ebb Tide")

Season 3

Tank is killed by Kimmy from Omar Little's crew, during a shootout following an aborted heist. ("Dead Soldiers")



Season 2
"Ebb Tide" * "Collateral Damage" "Hot Shots" "Hard Cases" "Undertow"
"All Prologue" "Backwash" "Duck and Cover" "Stray Rounds" "Storm Warnings"
"Bad Dreams" "Port in a Storm"
Season 3
"Time after Time" * "All Due Respect" * "Dead Soldiers" "Amsterdam" "Straight and True"
"Homecoming" "Back Burners" "Moral Midgetry" "Slapstick" "Reformation"
"Middle Ground" "Mission Accomplished"

*Uncredited appearance.