Street level characters comprise a large part of the cast. Characters in this section range from homeless drug addicts up to drug king-pins in charge of entire criminal empires.

Barksdale OrganizationEdit

Omar's crewEdit

Stanfield OrganizationEdit

New Day Co-OpEdit

Main article: New Day Co-Op

East SideEdit

Main article: Frog

Frog is a white street-level dealer in the port area.

"White" Mike McArdleEdit
Main article: "White" Mike McArdle

White Mike is a mid-level East side drug dealer with his own territory.


Main article: Bubbles

Bubbles is a homeless heroin addict with a vast knowledge of surviving on the streets of Baltimore.

Brother MouzoneEdit
Main article: Brother Mouzone

Brother Mouzone is a hitman from New York. "The Brother" does not fit the usual picture of a hitman, always wearing a suit, bowtie, and glasses, speaking politely, and reading magazines such as Harper's and The Nation.

The DeaconEdit
Main article: The Deacon

The Deacon is a West Side church figure who is involved in many community projects.

Main article: Kenard

Kenard is a younger member of Michael Lee's crew.

Main article: Lamar

Lamar is the assistant and inept bodyguard of New York mercenary Brother Mouzone.

Main article: Squeak

Squeak is the girlfriend of Bernard, a soldier in the Barksdale organization.

Main article: Sherrod

Sherrod is a young homeless boy who is befriended by Bubbles.

Main article: Walon

Walon is a recovering drug addict and counselor.

Johnny WeeksEdit
Main article: Johnny Weeks

Johnny is a young drug addict and often hangs around with Bubbles.

Dennis "Cutty" WiseEdit
Main article: Dennis "Cutty" Wise

Wise is a reformed criminal who is trying to build a community boxing centre.


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