Something The Lord Made is a 2004 Emmy Award and 2005 Peabody Award-winning HBO biopic about the legendary black cardiac pioneer Vivien Thomas and his complex and volatile partnership with white surgeon Alfred Blalock, the world famous "Blue Baby doctor" who pioneered modern heart surgery. Directed by Joseph Sargent, scripted by Peter Silverman and Robert Caswell, and produced by Robert Cort, David Madden and Eric Hetzel, Something the Lord Made stars Mos Def as Vivien Thomas, Alan Rickman as Alfred Blalock, and Mary Stuart Masterson as Helen Taussig.

The film shares many cast and crew members with The Wire.

Shared cast members

Shared crew members

  • Vincent Peranio was the production designer for both projects
  • Xan Valan was second second assistant director on Something The Lord Made and a second assistant director on The Wire.
  • Jeffrey Pratt Gordon was a props assistant on Something The Lord Made and property master on The Wire.
  • Brook Yeaton was property master on Something The Lord Made and an on-set dresser on The Wire.
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