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Show Me a Hero is a HBO miniseries created by The Wire creator David Simon and The Wire writer William F. Zorzi based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Lisa Belkin. The two series share many cast and crew members.



  • David Simon co-created The Wire and Show Me a Hero. He was an Executive Producer and the head writer and show runner for both series.
  • William F. Zorzi was a writer for The Wire and co-created and wrote Show Me a Hero.
  • Nina Kostroff Noble was an Executive Producer for both series.
  • Alexa L. Fogel was the casting director for both series.
  • Thom Zimny edited for both series.
  • Alex Hall edited for both series.
  • Kate Sanford edited for both series.
  • Blake Leyh was the music supervisor for both series.
  • Steve Earle played Walon in The Wire. He had music featured on the soundtracks of both series.
  • Al Cerullo worked as a helicopter pilot on both series.
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