Shardene Innes is the partner of Lester Freamon and a former dancer at Orlando's strip club.


Season 1

Shardene met D'Angelo Barksdale at Orlando's. ("The Target")

After a couple of conversations, Shardene agrees to go on a date with D'Angelo. The two begin to date and eventually move in together. Their relationship ends soon after Detectives Freamon and Greggs pick up Shardene in attempt to gain a source inside Orlando's that can bring them information about Avon and his crew. They use Keesha's (another dancer at Orlando's) death to convince Shardene that she is working with dangerous people, and that D'Angelo is not the man he seems to be. Keesha died after overdosing on cocaine at a party held in honor of Stinkum. D'Angelo had told Shardene that Keesha was taken to a hospital following the overdose; in reality, she had died, and her body was wrapped in a carpet, and put in a dumpster. She felt betrayed by D'Angelo, and asked him "do I look like trash to you? do I look like someone who should be wrapped up and dumped in the trash?"

Kima and Freamon wire Shardene with a microphone, and she attempted to get close to Barksdale's conversations with little success. Frightened, Shardene begged to be allowed to stop, but Freamon persuaded her to help them determine the floorplan of the club so they could install a hidden camera in Avon's office, which ultimately led them to catch Avon incriminating himself on video.

Season 2

Freamon and Shardene grew close during the investigation, and by 2003, they were sharing an apartment. Though she was no longer a stripper, she was able to help put the detectives in touch with some dancers when they were investigating the deaths of girls involved in the sex trade. ("All Prologue")

Season 5

Lester declared that she "better be awake". ("Late Editions") She attended McNulty's wake and was last seen in series montage, when Freamon has retired and is making his miniature furniture. ("-30-")



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