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"Did he have hands? Did he have a face? Yes? Then it wasn't us."
―Sergei Malatov

Sergei "Serge" Malatov, ( Ukrainian: Сергій Малатов ) also known as Boris, is an incarcerated former enforcer for The Greeks. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was responsible for picking up containers of stolen goods from the port and taking them to The Greeks' front warehouse to be fenced.


Malatov is from Kiev and was incarcerated for four years in Ukraine.


Sergei Malatov is a trusted lieutenant in The Greek's nefarious import business. When fresh supplies of Russian vodka, appliances, electronics — and even Eastern Bloc women to serve as sex workers — arrive to Baltimore, Sergei is there to ensure the cargo is delivered to their associates in the city.

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Season 2

Sergei is supposed to collect a container carrying prostitutes, but when the Greek's crewman on board the ship that delivered the cargo fails to signal him, he abandons the container. The Greek later learns that the girls were killed, and Sergei is sent to the ships next destination to find the crewman. He infiltrates the Philadelphia port and captures the crewman. When The Greek and Spiros Vondas arrive, the crewman tells them everything about how the girls were killed, and Spiros murders him. Sergei is charged with disposing of the body and The Greek instructs him to make sure there was no face or fingerprints. The body is later found and identified by a tattoo the crewman had.

Sergei is friendly with drug kingpin Proposition Joe, who is supplied by The Greek. He intervenes on behalf of Ziggy Sobotka when he gets into debt with Proposition Joe's people because of The Greek's ties to the Sobotka family.

When security camera footage of him abducting the crewman is discovered by a police detail investigating the deaths of the girls and smuggling on the docks, Sergei is persuaded to become an informer and turn on The Greek and Spiros, but The Greek has already escaped.[1]

Season 5

He was sentenced to life without parole and incarcerated in Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup. When Marlo Stanfield attempted to contact The Greeks to secure a direct line to the supply of the New Day Co-op. Marlo organized a meeting with Sergei, but instead met Avon Barksdale, who informed Marlo that he will grant him access to Sergei if he gives $100,000 to his sister, Brianna. Sergei agreed to meet Marlo. Sergei was initially disrespectful and declared that he did not require Marlo's assistance or money. However, Marlo pointed out that Sergei can win back some favor with the Greeks if he gets a message to Vondas regarding Marlo's intentions to do business with them. Avon encouraged Sergei to cooperate with Marlo, and Sergei, realizing that Marlo was right that he can claim some credit if the deal happens, agreed to contact Vondas on Marlo's behalf. ("Unconfirmed Reports")



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*Uncredited appearance.


  • He hates to be mistaken as Russian and referred to as "Boris" (based on Boris Badenov).
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