The fourth season of the show introduced an examination of the Baltimore city school system and many new characters including pupils, staff and education board employees.


Howard "Bunny" ColvinEdit
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Colvin was a thirty-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department and a district commander before his radical policies caused his forced retirement. He moved into working with potential repeat violent offenders in the school system.

Marcia DonnellyEdit
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Marcia Donnelly is the Assistant Principal of Edward J. Tilghman Middle School.

Miss DuquetteEdit
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Miss Duquette is a doctoral student who works as a teacher in the violent behaviour research programme.

David ParentiEdit
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Parenti is an academic leading a research team conducting a study about preventing violent behaviour.

Roland "Prez" PryzbylewskiEdit

Prez is an ex-detective who showed great aptitude for surveillance and wiretap cases but struggled to maintain his composure in the field. He has embarked on a new career as a middle school math teacher.

Grace SampsonEdit
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Grace Sampson is a senior teacher at Edward J. Tilghman Middle School.

Miss SheperdsonEdit
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Miss Sheperdson is a bureacrat at the Department of Education.

Claudell WithersEdit
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Claudell Withers is the Principal of Edward J. Tilghman Middle School.


Namond BriceEdit
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Namond Brice is a tough-talking eighth-grade student who struggles to follow in the footsteps of his father, Wee-Bey.

Zenobia DawsonEdit
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Zenobia Dawson is a troubled eighth grade student.

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Donut is a younger student with a penchant for auto crime.

Crystal JudkinsEdit
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Crystal Judkins is a hard working and conscientious eighth grade student.

Albert StokesEdit
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Albert Stokes is a foul mouthed and disruptive diminutive eighth grade student.

Darnell TysonEdit
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Darnell Tyson is a sometimes disruptive eighth-grade student from a criminal family.

Randy WagstaffEdit
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Randy Wagstaff is an enterprising eighth-grade student who is dependent on social services.

Duquan "Dukie" WeemsEdit
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Duquan "Dukie" Weems is an intelligent eighth-grade student who lives in abject poverty.

Karim WilliamsEdit
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Karim Williams is an eighth-grade student who hopes to become an NBA basketball player and sports an afro.


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