Savino Bratton was a lower level soldier in the Barksdale crew.


Season 1Edit

Savino is one of five prominent enforcers of the Barksdale Organization. He is shown as a cocky but loyal soldier to his crew, evident by his lack of reluctance to take the fall for one of the organization's mishaps with the police and spend time in prison. Savino is not as involved in the more delicate violent operations of the organization compared to fellow soldiers Marquis "Bird" Hilton and Anton "Stinkum" Artis, but is still important enough to conduct business under his chief enforcer, Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice.

Savino was one of the upper-tier members present during D'Angelo Barksdale's court case to intimidate anyone in the courtroom looking to cause complications or trouble. Savino drives Stringer Bell to the pit when D'Angelo is picked up again by the police after the murder of William Gant.

Savino is one of the few upper-tier members of the Barksdale Organization to not be targeted by Omar Little, as he was not actively involved in the murder of Omar's boyfriend Brandon Wright. However, he is soon caught up in the covert investigation into the crew by the Major Case Unit when he is involved in the shooting of Detective Greggs and Orlando.

After the Barksdale crew realizes Orlando is cooperating with the police, Savino meets with Orlando and has him drive, with Greggs in the car posing as a dancer from his club. During the car ride, Savino, suspicious of the presence of Greggs, cleverly turned the volume of the music up in the car so as to hinder any potential listening in from an outside source. Savino stops them at a secluded location and left the car, and enforcers Wee-Bey Brice and Little Man kill Orlando and injure Greggs, not knowing that she was a police officer. (Savino tried to signal them about her presence but they were unable to see him because it was night  and very dark out.) Warrants are written up for Savino because he had been identified in the operation, and he turns himself in. Attorney Maurice Levy makes the argument that Savino was intending to provide Orlando with baking soda instead of cocaine, and that he was unconnected to the shooting, and Savino is expected to receive only a three year sentence.

Season 5Edit

250px-Savino Bratton (Season 5)

Savino during Season 5.

In the season five premiere "More with Less", Savino is shown out of prison and operating as a soldier in the Stanfield Organization. It is not explained or explicitly revealed if he wished to remain loyal to the now crumbled Barksdale Organization. Savino involves himself in the Stanfield crew's hunt for Omar after the latter returned, looking for vengeance for the death of Butchie and narrowly escaped an ambush attempt by Chris Partlow, Snoop, O-Dog and Michael Lee.

Savino is eventually killed by Omar Little with a single gunshot to the head, in revenge for the torture-murder of Butchie by Chris Partlow and Snoop. Omar refuses to accept Savino's explanation that he was not present at the incident, reasoning that if Savino had been there he would have joined in with the others.

After Omar's death, the police find his "hit-list" and discover all the upper-tier members of the Stanfield Organization he planned to kill. Savino's name was the only one crossed out, which means he was ultimately the only casualty of Omar's gang war.


Savino Bratten is a recurring character in the first and fifth seasons. He is played by guest star Chris Clanton and debuts in "The Target".


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