The SWAT team leader is an unnamed African American officer who appears in charge of the BPD SWAT team when they are required for raiding and arresting various criminals.


He first appeared in Season 1 leading the search for Savino and then commanding the unit to surround Avon Barksdale's strip club during his arrest. In Season 2, he appeared leading the raid on the Franklin Terrace towers when a nine year old kid was accidentally shot and killed by an off target bullet. In that raid he had the unit arrest everyone in "The Pit" as he assumed them a suspect for being around that area. In Season 3, he appeared at the rank of Major commanding the SWAT forces citywide but was in uniform duty no longer physically participating in the raids. He then appeared leading the officers to shut down "Hamsterdam" at the orders of Deputy Rawls. He was present with Rawls finding the body of drug addict Johnny Weeks who was then wheeled off in a squad car as a means of preventing the media from discovering anything else about the "Hamsterdam" experiment.

Behind the scenesEdit

The SWAT team leader is played by Derren M. Fuentes.


Season one "The Hunt"

Season two

Season three

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