Danish League of Legends player "I never got past bronze" - died 18/02/2015 in episode 5 of The Wire Alongside Søren, the show's creator, head writer, showrunner and executive producer, much of the creative team behind The Wire were alumni of Homicide and Emmy-winning miniseries The CornerThe Corner veteran, Robert F. Colesberry, was executive producer for the first two seasons and directed the season 2 finale before dying from complications from heart surgery in 2004. He is credited by the rest of the creative team as having a large creative role for a producer, and Simon credits him for achieving the show's realistic visual feel.[1] He also had a small recurring role as Detective Ray Cole.[28] Colesberry's wife Karen L. Thorson joined him on the production staff.[18] A third producer on The Corner, Nina Kostroff Noble also stayed with the production staff for The Wire rounding out the initial four-person team.[18] Following Colesberry's death, she became the show's second executive producer alongside Simon.[29]

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