Rupert Bond is the State's Attorney for Baltimore City.


Season 4

Bond is a State's Attorney candidate running for election in Baltimore City against Steven Demper, Mayor Royce's choice candidate. He maintains a lead against Demper throughout the primary and is initially viewed with skepticism from Rhonda Pearlman - She claims that if Demper loses, the new front office will "bump the white girl" to a demoted position due to Bond's race in majority black Baltimore. Royce and Demper both lose, and Bond is elected the new State's Attorney for Baltimore City. Bond appears to be more interested in pursuing quality prosecutions than Demper, promoting both Ilene Nathan and Rhonda Pearlman whom he admires as good prosecutors. In a meeting with newly elected Mayor Tommy Carcetti, Bond is opposed to legalizing gambling in Baltimore due to the crime increase that comes with casinos.

Season 5



Season 4
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