Ronald "Ronnie Moe" Watkins is an incarcerated former Barksdale Organization crew chief.



Watkins was the crew chief of "The Pit", the low-rise McCulloh Homes public housing project, supervising Bodie, Poot, and Wallace. ("The Target") After D'Angelo's demotion in 2002, Barksdale promoted Watkins to crew chief of Building 851, Tower 5, in Franklin Terrace. ("The Detail")

Season 1

Watkins flirted with dancers at Orlando's. ("Cleaning Up") When the Barksdale Detail concludes its investigation, he was arrested by Detective Hauk. He was sentenced to fifteen years due to prior felonies. ("Sentencing")



Season 1
"The Target" "The Detail" * "The Buys" "Old Cases" "The Pager"
The Wire" "One Arrest" "Lessons" "Game Day" "The Cost"
"The Hunt" "Cleaning Up" "Sentencing"

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