The Wire
The Wire

Ringo is a cargo checker in IBS Local 1514.


Season 2

In 2003, Ringo was having trouble getting enough work to live on. When Ringo mentioned that he's contemplating a move to a different local, Frank sent Ringo to Delores's bar and instructed him to order a shot and a beer on him. When Ringo arrived at the bar and used Frank's name, Delores handed him a bundle of cash. ("Hot Shots")

Ringo later witnesses Frank's body being pulled out of the Patapsco River. ("Port in a Storm")



Season 2
"Ebb Tide" "Collateral Damage" "Hot Shots" "Hard Cases" "Undertow"
"All Prologue" "Backwash" "Duck and Cover" "Stray Rounds" "Storm Warnings"
"Bad Dreams" "Port in a Storm" *

*Uncredited appearance.