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Ricardo "Fat-Face Rick" Hendrix is the principal narcotics trafficker on East Baltimore's Veronica Avenue and the co-chairman of the New Day Co-Op.


Season 3

Fat-Face Rick was among the first to join the New Day Co-Op. He warned Russell Bell to deter Avon Barksdale from escalating the turf war with Marlo Stanfield. Rick, Phil-Boy, and Proposition Joe later gave Stringer Bell an ultimatum: end the war with Stanfield or lose access to the high-quality heroin supply.

Season 4

After the fall of the Barksdale Organization, Rick was among the first to suggest that Stanfield should cooperate with the Co-Op against the encroachment from New York dealers. Later, he led the quorum confronting Proposition Joe, after Omar Little stole the Co-Op's package.

Season 5

Rick faced relocation issues along with many other East side traffickers. As the City Council redeveloped the area, the projects were moved outside the county line. Rick appeared in a story in the Baltimore Sun when Desperado, Rick's strip club, was relocated by City Council. They bought the property for $1,200,000 dollars and sold him city-owned property outside of Baltimore for $200,000, netting Rick a million dollars. The Sun exposed campaign contributions to Baltimore City Council President Nerese Campbell from both Rick himself and people using the Desperado address. ("More with Less")

Omar Little confronted Rick after he entered Boots Bail Bonds and instructed Rick to convey Omar's war against Marlo Stanfield. Rick asked Omar to confirm Marlo's claim during the Co-Op meeting that he had killed Proposition Joe and Hungry Man, and was unsurprised when Omar denied it. ("The Dickensian Aspect")

While the Co-Op members discussed purchasing the drug connection from Marlo, Cheese threatened Rick to repudiate his nostalgia. Slim Charles shot Cheese to avenge Joe. Rick and Slim Charles re-established the supply connection with Spiros Vondas after Marlo is forced to relinquish it. ("-30-")



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*Uncredited appearance.