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Renaldo is Omar Little's boyfriend in the fourth season. Renaldo is played by Ramon Rodriguez.


Omar's boyfriend and partner-in-crime in season four who appears assisting him in the robbery of various drug dealers. Renaldo is the show's first main Hispanic character and introduces a few other Hispanic characters into the show following the robbery of the New Day Co-op in the episode "That's Got His Own". Unlike his predecessors Brandon and Dante (both of whom expressed problems with other people in the crew), Renaldo is very easy-going about other people with whom they work, and shows mild exasperation at some of Omar's more daring and flamboyant moves, such as selling back stolen drugs to Proposition Joe, or robbing a convenience store of a drug re-up while in sight of security cameras.

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Renaldo owns a taxi that he and Omar frequently use for surveillance of their targets. In season five, it is revealed that he and Omar had retired to San Juan, Puerto Rico together, until Butchie is killed and Omar is compelled to return to Baltimore.


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