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The Wire

Randall Frazier is a Medical Examiner who frequently works with the Homicide Unit of the Baltimore Police Department.


Season 1

He found a bullet in the body of the Vacant House Murder Victim Bunk's decomp case. ("The Target") He performed the autopsy of William Gant. ("The Detail")

Season 2

He performed autopsies on the fourteen unidentified women discovered at the Port of Baltimore. He helped James McNulty establish the deaths occurred in the City of Baltimore jurisdiction by identifying the time of death based on the air supply in the container the bodies were discovered in. ("Collateral Damage")

He also linked the bodies to a specific plastic surgery clinic by identifying a breast implant type that several of the women shared and tracing the serial number. This information helped the detectives to establish that the women were sex trade workers. ("Hot Shots")



Season 1
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Season 2
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Season 3
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