The following are politicians, family members, and assistants administrating the politics of Baltimore on The Wire.

Maryland State PoliticiansEdit

Clay DavisEdit
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Clay Davis is a corrupt State Senator who is an important Democratic fundraiser. Baltimore mayors therefore try to stay on his good side.

Odell WatkinsEdit
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State Delegate Watkins is a longtime major Baltimore political figure and a wheelchair user. The moral voice of authority among the Baltimore politicians, Watkins plays the instrumental role of keeping the city mayor eye to eye with city council members.

Baltimore City AdministrationEdit


Naresse CampbellEdit
Main article: Naresse Campbell

Campbell is the madame president of the Baltimore City council.

Tommy CarcettiEdit
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Tommy Carcetti is the new Mayor of Baltimore.

Marla DanielsEdit
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Marla is a city council woman and the estranged wife of Colonel Cedric Daniels.

Gerry Edit
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Gerry was a key member of Tommy Carcetti’s campaign staff in the Mayoral election and becomes a senior member of his administration.

Anthony GrayEdit
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Gray first appeared as a Democratic Baltimore Councilman in season three and ran an unsuccesful campaign for election as the mayor.

Norman WilsonEdit
Main article: Norman Wilson

Wilson is a professional Democratic political operative and deputy manager of Tommy Carcetti's campaign in the mayoral race. He becomes Carcetti's deputy chief of staff after he is elected.


Eunetta PerkinsEdit
Main article: Eunetta Perkins

A former council woman who lost her seat to Marla Daniels.

Coleman ParkerEdit
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Mayor Royce's chief of staff.

Clarence RoyceEdit
Main article: Clarence Royce

Royce was the mayor of Baltimore, until Carcetti beat him in a surprising primary.

Campaign staffEdit

Theresa D'AgostinoEdit
Main article: Theresa D'Agostino

Carcetti's campaign manager for the Mayoral race.


Andy KrawczykEdit
Main article: Andy Krawczyk

Andy Krawczyk is a corrupt real estate developer and political fund raiser.


Jen CarcettiEdit
Main article: Jen Carcetti

Tommy Carcetti's loyal wife.


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