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Norman Wilson is a senior aide to Thomas Carcetti.


Season 4

Wilson is a professional political operative who serves as Councilman Carcetti's deputy campaign manager in his run for mayor of Baltimore, under campaign manager Theresa D'Agostino. Wilson is practical minded and organized, essential qualities because he is tasked with keeping Carcetti on a strict schedule. Wilson was once a night editor for the Baltimore Sun and has many connections amongst the city's media. He is an honest voice in Carcetti's campaign and is often the sounding board for Carcetti's worries about race in Baltimore politics. When poll results do not go in Carcetti's favor he loses interest in the campaign believing that it is impossible to win. Wilson is left to keep his candidate on track despite his pessimism.


After Carcetti wins the primary and subsequent election, D'Agostino moves on, but Wilson continues to serve as his right hand man, accompanying the newly elected mayor everywhere he goes. At the end of the season, Wilson gets disillusioned with Carcetti, who puts his own ambition above the needs of the city. He talks with Clarence Royce's former advisor, Coleman Parker, and muses about managing the campaign of another up and coming politician on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Season 5

Despite his misgivings, Wilson remained on Carcetti's staff into 2008 and watched the Mayor struggle with the budget crisis while planning his run for Governor. Carcetti was aware of Wilson's feelings about his decision but still sought his counsel. ("More with Less")



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