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Nina Kostroff Noble, aka Nina K. Noble, is an American television producer.[1] She was an executive producer for The Wire.

Before entering television she worked extensively in film. Initially she was a production assistant and then became a second assistant director after joining the Directors Guild of America in 1984.[1] She worked as a freelance assistant director for ten years and worked with several notable film-makers including Alan Parker, Paul Mazursky, Ron Shelton, Stephen Frears, Paul Verhoeven and Ivan Reitman.[1] In 1995 she began producing and production managing television projects for Barry Levinson and Tom Fontana.[1] They introduced her to writer David Simon in 1999 when he was developing his book The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighborhood for the HBO network.[1] She collaborated with Simon and Robert F. Colesberry to produce the Emmy award-winning The Corner for HBO.[1]

Noble continued her collaboration with Simon and Colesberry on their next project The Wire. She was involved from the beginning and was credited as a producer for the show's first season.[2] She retained her role for the show's second season and her credit was upgraded to co-executive producer.[3] For the third and fourth season she was credited as executive producer alongside Simon.[4][5] She continued in this role for the fifth and final season.[6]

Noble is married to David Noble. Her brother, Michael Kostroff played defence attornery Maurice Levy on The Wire.[7][8] She has two sons, Nick and Jason.


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