Nerese Campbell is the corrupt president of the Baltimore City council.


Campbell was the only member of Clarence Royce's campaign ticket to win election to their respective position. An attractive woman, Campbell first appeared drawing the attention of the Mayor's security detail officers. Campbell is the leading voice of opposition to Mayor Tommy Carcetti's plan to fire Commissioner Ervin Burrell claiming that a good portion of her constituency would be against this action. She is close to the ministers and politicians from Clarence Royce's era who promised her to become the next mayor of Baltimore on his ticket. She is told by Carcetti that she may become Mayor in 2008 by default if Carcetti decides to run for governor at that time. When issues pertaining to the city school system arise, Campbell suggests that Carcetti go to the Maryland governor to "beg" for the money to solve the $54 million deficit that is present.

Behind the scenesEdit

Nerese Campbell is played by Marlene Afflack. Campbell's character bears similarities to current Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon who was the city council president that became mayor following Martin O'Malley's election as governor.


Season four

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