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Nat Benchley is an American actor. He guest stars as Augustus Polk in the first, second, & fifth seasons. He has appeared in The Wire creator David Simon's other series Homicide: Life on the Street. He has appeared in the films Diner (1982), Broadcast News (1987), Chances Are (1989), and State of Play (2009).


He is the grandson of humorist Robert Benchley, the son of author Nathaniel G. Benchley, and the brother of late author Peter Benchley, who wrote Jaws.

Since 1997 Nat Benchley been performing Benchley Despite Himself, "a compilation of Robert Benchley's best monologues, short films, radio rantings and pithy pieces as recalled, edited, and acted by his grandson, and combined with family reminiscences and friends' perspectives." He has performed it in Washington, DC; New York, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; and other locations. The Washington Post called it "an engaging work that breaks with the usual conventions of one-man plays. Rather than inhabit the character of Robert Benchley the entire evening, Nat Benchley blends his own observations with re-creations of the routines and sketches that made his grandfather famous. The effect is at once seductive and distancing, perhaps a bit like Robert Benchley, whose humor often obscured his unhappiness."

He has recorded a CD of Robert Benchley's monologues, Benchley on Benchley. He also does narration work for commercials and television documentaries for the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel.

His films include Diner, Broadcast News, and Home for the Holidays. He had a recurring role as a bartender in Homicide: Life on the Street. He also appeared in HBO films Something the Lord Made.

In the 1990s Benchley revived two Peter Cook and Dudley Moore stage productions, Beyond the Fringe and Good Evening in the Washington, DC, area.

According to his Web site, "Prior to disdaining regular work, he wrote and produced public relations for WETA, the Washington, D.C. public television station, worked on a White House national drug abuse prevention campaign and served in the Philippines and Viet Nam in the U.S. Naval Security Group during the unpopular Southeast Asian dust-up."

He is a graduate of The Choate School and Stanford University.


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