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Michael Crutchfield is a veteran detective in the Homicide Unit of the BPD.


Season 3

He was the primary detective at the murder that took place in Major Colvin's "free zone" and withheld the investigation at Colvin's request. Colvin then helped create a "dunker" case having his suspect turned in after threatening the drug dealers in the "free zone".

Season 4

Crutchfield played a bigger role appearing with Vernon Holley getting an identification of Omar Little as a murder suspect from Old Face Andre. When Detective Moreland wanted to re-examine the case, Crutchfield displayed his anger over Bunk wanting to reverse one of his clearances. Crutchfield then promised to reverse a clearance of Bunk's as payback for going back on a solved case. When Sergeant Carver left a message for Bunk, Crutchfield deliberately threw it away, causing a lengthy delay in the discovery of the bodies being left all over the City by the Stanfield Organization. Crutchfield ended season four investigating murders at the hands of the Stanfield Organization.

Season 5

In 2008, Crutchfield helped Bunk to manipulate a confession from DeShawn Williams. Crutchfield buys Monell, another involved party, a McDonalds meal and parades the boy in front of Bunk's interrogation room to lead Bunk's suspect to believe his friend had turned against him. ("More with Less")

When departmental cut backs lead to withholding of overtime Crutchfield secures part time work as a security guard to replace his lost pay. Crutchfield is assigned a triple homicide case and partnered with Detective Greggs. The victims are Junebug, his wife and bodyguard and Crutchfield notes that the killing was a professional hit. (502)

When Omar Little was murdered, Crutchfield was the detective assigned to work the case. ("Clarifications")

He apprehended Omar's murderer, Kenard, and is last seen leading him away in handcuffs. ("-30-")



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