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Law enforcement is an integral part of the The Wire. The show has numerous characters in this field and their roles range from those enforcing the law at street level up to those setting laws city wide. The Baltimore City Police Department has been explored in detail from street level characters to the upper echelons of command. The show has also examined those setting laws in city politics and touched upon the the FBI, the correctional system and the family of police officers.


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The police department includes several of the shows starring characters and a wealth of supporting characters. It has been featured in all 4 seasons of the show to date.


Terrence "Fitz" FitzhughEdit

Fitz is McNulty's friend in the FBI and the two have collaborated on investigations.

Amanda ReeseEdit

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Reese is an FBI supervisor.

Ernst KoutrisEdit

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Koutris is an FBI agent with ties to the Greeks.

Court houseEdit

Rupert BondEdit

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Bond is the new State's Attorney in season four.

Steven DemperEdit

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Demper is State's Attorney for the shows early seasons.

Ilene NathanEdit

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Nathan is a succesful Assistant State's Attorney.

Rhonda PearlmanEdit

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Assistant Maryland State's Attourney Pearlman has been the legal system liaison for all the major investigations on the show.

Daniel PhelanEdit

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Judge Daniel Phelan was instrumental in starting the Barksdale investigation.

Grand Jury ProsecutorEdit

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The Grand Jury Prosecutor is instrumental in


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Politics plays a key role in many episodes particularly from the third season onwards when several of the starring cast are politicians.

Prison staffEdit

Dwight TilghmanEdit

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Tilghman is a corrupt CO at the prison where Avon is incarcerated.


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