Laetitia is a former student in Roland Pryzbylewski's math class at Edward J. Tilghman Middle School.


Season 4

She is often a disruptive student who had a personal conflict with another disruptive student, Chiquan. An incident in class between the two of them where Chiquan flashed light in her face with her wristwatch, resulted in a brief fight, broken up by Prez. In a later class session, Chiquan once again antagonized Laetitia, who, armed with a boxcutter, slashed the side of Chiquan's face. Chiquan immediately fell to the floor, bleeding heavily and her attacker was left in a severe state of shock after being disarmed by Grace Sampson. As a gesture of kindness, Dukie gives Laetitia the mini-electric fan he'd been fixing. ("Home Rooms")



Season 4
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