The Wire- Kenneth Dozerman

Kenneth Dozerman.

Kenneth Dozerman is a plainclothes officer in the Baltimore police department. He is played by Rick Otto.


In season three he worked narcotics in Sergeant Ellis Carver's drug enforcement unit squad in the Western District. He became friends with Herc and Carver while working in the squad accompanying them in various activities off duty. Dozerman was shot and injured in a buy bust operation gone awry and decommissioned from duty for the rest of the season. His attempted murder was the catalyst for Major Colvin's "Hamsterdam" experiment as Colvin wanted to reduce crime and not see any more of his men get hurt. His service weapon was also stolen. The detective assigned to finding the pistol was Bunk Moreland, who was eventually given the weapon as a means of amends from Omar Little. When the weapon was found it was returned to Dozerman at a press conference.[1]

The Wire- Clarifications episode

As seen at the start of Season 5.

In season four, Dozerman transferred to the Major Case Unit when his friend Herc transferred in, filling the gap left by Greggs' and Freamon's departures. Dozerman took part in Lieutenant Charles Marimow's first series of failed raids as unit commander. Following these raids he helped Herc to set up video surveillance of Marlo Stanfield. Dozerman remained in the unit as an ally to both Herc and Leander Sydnor who mentored Dozerman on his investigative strategies. All three detectives maintained a dislike for Marimow's caustic command style often fearing the repercussions that he had threatened them with. Dozerman remained in the unit following Marimow's departure and Herc's suspension under the new leadership of Lester Freamon.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dozerman is played by Rick Otto.


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