The fifth season of The Wire included a focus on the media and in particular a fictionalized version of The Baltimore Sun. The series introduced many new characters who were professional journalists.

Baltimore SunEdit

Editorial staffEdit

Augustus HaynesEdit

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Augustus Haynes is the city desk editor for the paper and is an principled but unrefined presence in the newsroom. Haynes is played by Clark Johnson.[1]

James WhitingEdit

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James Whiting is the paper's Executive Editor and determines the overall direction of the paper. He is played by Sam Freed.[2]

Thomas KlebanowEdit

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Thomas Klebanow is the paper's managing editor and is responsible for the day to day running of the paper. He is played by [{David Costabile]].[3]

Tim PhelpsEdit

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Tim Phelps is the editor of the paper's State Desk. He is played by Tom McCarthy.[4]

Steven LuxenbergEdit

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Steven Luxenberg is the editor of the metro section and oversees other editors. He is played by Robert Poletick.[5][6]

Jay SpryEdit

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Jay Spry is the overnight copy editor, or rewrite man, for the metro desk of the paper. He is played by Donald Neal.[7]


Alma GutierrezEdit

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Alma Gutierrez is an eager and talented young reporter. Gutierrez is played by Michelle Paress.[8]

Scott TempletonEdit

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Scott Templeton is an unscrupulous and ambitious young reporter. Templeton is played by Tom McCarthy.[9]

Jeff PriceEdit

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Jeff Price is the city hall reporter for the metro desk. He is played by Todd Scofield.[10]

Bill ZorziEdit

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Bill Zorzi is a veteran reporter for the Baltimore Sun facing an increased workload since the last round of buyouts. He is played by series writer William F. Zorzi.[11]

Mike FletcherEdit

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Mike Fletcher is a general assignments reporter for the metro desk of the paper. He is played by Brandon Young.[12]

Roger TwiggEdit

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Roger Twigg is a veteran police reporter for the City Desk. He is played by Bruce Kirkpatrick.[13]


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