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John from Cincinnati is an American television drama, set against the surfing community of Imperial Beach, California, that aired on HBO from June 10, 2007 to August 12, 2007. It is the result of a collaborative effort between writer/producer David Milch and author Kem Nunn, whose novels have been termed surf noir. The program deals with a strange young man of mysterious origin and the effect he has on a dysfunctional family of professional surfers and their community.

It ran between the fourth and fifth seasons of The Wire on HBO in the 9 PM slot. The series have several connections in the form of shared cast and crew members. Paul Ben-Victor (Spiros Vondas in The Wire) has a recurring role in the series as Palaka. Director Ed Bianchi worked on both series. Cinematographer Uta Briesewitz worked on both series.

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