James Whiting is the Executive Editor at fictionalized version of the The Baltimore Sun and is responsible for guiding the paper's reporting.


Whiting has ambitions of winning a Pulitzer Prize for the Sun and his fascination with the Dickensian Aspect leaves him often out-of-touch with the problems facing the city.[1] His managing editor is a colleague from their days working in Philadelphia; Thomas Klebanow. Klebanow handles the day to day running of the paper and the handling of cut backs from the papers owners.[2]

Season 5Edit

Whiting is interested in pursuing stories that stir emotion in the reader over those that examine the context and roots of social problems facing the city. Whiting has a network of connections in the industry and using his authority to prevent the paper from publishing a negative story about racism at the University of Maryland to protect his old friend Gene Robbins, the dean of journalism.[3]


Whiting is played by Sam Freed.


Season 5Edit


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