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The Grand Jury Prosecutor is instrumental in extracting witness testimony.


The Grand Jury Prosecutor is an associate of Bunk Moreland who assists the police in various Homicide cases. They first appear in an unsuccessful summons of Frank Sobotka's union where thirteen Jane Does that died at the docks are being investigated. The Grand Jury Prosecutor then appears in Season 4 involving a summons of Old Face Andre with a perjury threat and with a court order to obtain DNA evidence from Marlo Stanfield associates Snoop Pearson and Chris Partlow. The Grand Jury Prosecutor is played by Gary D'Addario, the shift lieutenant for the Baltimore Police Department's Homicide Unit featured in David Simon's Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets novel. At the courthouse Bunk refers to him as 'Garry'.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Grand Jury Prosecutor is played by Gary D'Addario.


Season two

Season four

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