Fredo Braddock was a state's witness.



Detective Norris was assigned as the primary investigator of his murder. There were no witnesses and no murder weapons. Norris and Detective Holley visited Braddock's murder site where an unnamed officer informed them that Braddock was still alive when he arrived; however, all Braddock said was that his killer "was a guy with a gun".

Norris met with Holley and Bunk to tell them that Braddock was a witness in a Maryland State's Attorney case. He has been murdered. Initially Landsman tells Norris to investigate the Braddock case as if it were just a normal case without filing the papers to declare Braddock a State's witness. Landsmen says this as a way to avoid creating drama in the department during an election year.

Councilman Carcetti, in a mayoral debate, revealed that he knew that Braddock's murder was a state's witness and that he wrote Mayor Royce a letter requesting expansion of witness protection services.

Braddock became important as he was a witness in the another state's attorney's murder case. Royces instructed Burrell to reassign the case to to ensure that the investigation would not interfere with his mayoral campaign. Detective Greggs is assigned the case. ("Soft Eyes")



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