Franklin Terrace is a mixed-use high-rise public housing complex comprised of six buildings located on Fremont Avenue. All six of the towers are used by the Barksdale Organization. In 2003, Stringer gives Proposition Joe three of the towers in exchange for additional enforcement. After December 2004, Marlo Stanfield seizes control of Franklin Terrace with the dissolution of the Barksdale Organization.

Tower One - 221 - Peanut, Roc-Roc (lieutenant)

Tower Two - 

Tower Three - 954

Tower Four - 770 - Savino

Tower Five - 851 - Ronnie Moe, Little Vic (dealer)

Tower 6 - 

Notes Edit

Franklin Terrace is inspired by The Terrace, a high-rise public housing complex in Baltimore, Maryland. The Terrace replaced the now demolished Lexington Terrace high rise public housing projects.

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