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Franklin Terrace is a mixed-use high-rise public housing complex comprised of six buildings located on Fremont Avenue.



All six of the towers are used by the Barksdale Organization.

Season 1

Tower One - 221 - Peanut, Roc-Roc (lieutenant)
Tower Two - 734
Tower Three - 954
Tower Four - 770 - Savino
Tower Five - 851 - Ronnie Moe, Little Vic (dealer)
Tower Six - Saratoga

Season 2

In 2003, Stringer gives Proposition Joe control buildings 221, 734, and Saratoga in exchange for additional enforcement.

Season 4

After December 2004, Marlo Stanfield seizes control of Franklin Terrace with the dissolution of the Barksdale Organization.


  • Franklin Terrace is inspired by Lexington Terrace, a high-rise public housing complex, and the George B. Murphy Homes in Baltimore, Maryland. LIke Franklin Terrace, Lexington Terrace was demolished and replaced by the Terrace.[1]


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