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Felicia "Snoop" Pearson is a character on the HBO television series The Wire. She is a young female soldier in Marlo Stanfield's drug dealing organization. She is the earliest protege of Chris Partlow. The character is named after the actress who portrays her, Felicia Pearson. The 4th season begins with her buying a nail gun from a hardware store.


Snoop is heavily involved in the turf war with the rival Barksdale organization.

In the third season, she was responsible for killing Barksdale soldier Rico in a drive by shooting on Poot Carr's corner. She also took part in Chris's efforts to foil an assassination attempt against Marlo. After Stringer Bell was killed by Omar Little and Brother Mouzone, Snoop boasted that she and Partlow had murdered him.[1]

In season four, she assists Partlow in many murders on behalf of Marlo, though she is never shown killing anybody. They dispose of the bodies by depositing them in abandoned buildings, covering them with quicklime and tarps, and boarding up the buildings again. When they re-board the doors, they use a distinctive nail gun which Snoop purchases in the first scene of the season; later, these nails are key clues for the police to find the bodies. After Sergeant Hauk pulls them over and spots the nail gun, Chris discards it, to Snoop's chagrin.

Among the people murdered by Chris and Snoop are "Lex" Anderson, Little Kevin, several New York drug dealers, and a security guard who talked back to Marlo. Tired of always concealing her crimes, Snoop tries to keep the guard's badge as a souvenir, but Chris throws the badge away. The pair were also responsible for intimidating Bodie Broadus into accepting Marlo's package and for recruiting middle school child Michael Lee into their organization. They also train the next generation of soldiers for Stanfield's organization, including Michael and O-Dog.

Snoop has a younger sister who attends Edward Tilghman Middle School alongside Namond Brice, in the class of Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski.


Snoop's real name is belatedly established as Felicia Pearson, which is also the name of the actress who plays her.[1][2] "Snoop" is that actress's nickname in real life.[3] Several critics have picked out Pearson's performance as frightening because she portrays a female youth who is also a cold hearted killer.[4][5][6][7] Writer Stephen King called the character "perhaps the most terrifying female villain to ever appear in a television series."[6]


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