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The Wire

Donette is the former girlfriend of drug lieutenant D'Angelo Barksdale and the mother of their son.


Season 1

D'Angelo brought her to a party organized by his uncle, Avon Barksdale, shortly after his acquittal where she first met Stringer Bell. ("The Detail")

She worried over her financial situation often and nagged D'Angelo for money. The two of them shared a meal together in an uptown restaurant and D'Angelo tried to explain his doubts about his lifestyle to her but she dismissed his worries. D'Angelo began seeing Shardene Innes behind Donette's back. D'Angelo was arrested and sentenced to twenty years in prison.

Season 2

With D'Angelo imprisoned Avon gave Donette an allowance of support money. Donette got involved with Stringer Bell while D'Angelo was in prison. She visited D'Angelo at Stringer's behest to try to ease the experience of prison for him. Stringer had mounting concerns that D'Angelo was going to reveal information about their drug dealing organization to the authorities and covertly ordered him killed and had the death made to look like a suicide.

Season 3

Detective McNulty reinvestigated D'Angelo's death and asserted that it was unlikely that he killed himself. When he tried to use this information to coerce Donette into co-operating she refused to talk to him. She passed the information that D'Angelo's death may not have been a suicide on to D'Angelo's mother Brianna.



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