Delaney Williams
Delaney Williams
Personal details
Date of birth December 12, 1962
Birth place Washington, DC, USA
Years active 1997 to present
The Wire
Character Jay Landsman
Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
First episode "The Target"
Last episode "-30-"
Credits 44 episodes (see below)

Delaney Williams, born December 12, 1962 in Washington, DC, USA, is an actor.[1] He has a recurring guest starring role as homicide sergeant Jay Landsman.[2] Williams appeared in the first, second, third, fourth, & fifth seasons.

He has appeared in The Wire creator David Simon's other series The Corner which brought him to the attention of the producers, who worked on The Corner prior to casting The Wire.[1]


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Season 1 credits
"The Target" "The Detail" "The Buys" "Old Cases" "The Pager"
"The Wire" "One Arrest" "Lessons" "Game Day" "The Cost"
"The Hunt" "Cleaning Up" "Sentencing"
Season 2 credits
"Ebb Tide" "Collateral Damage" "Hot Shots" "Hard Cases" "Undertow"
"All Prologue" "Backwash" "Duck and Cover" "Stray Rounds" "Storm Warnings"
"Bad Dreams" "Port in a Storm"
Season 3 credits
"Time after Time" "All Due Respect" "Dead Soldiers" "Amsterdam" "Straight and True"
"Homecoming" "Back Burners" "Moral Midgetry" "Slapstick" "Reformation"
"Middle Ground" "Mission Accomplished"
Season 4 credits
"Boys of Summer" "Soft Eyes" "Home Rooms" "Refugees" "Alliances"
"Margin of Error" "Unto Others" "Corner Boys" "Know Your Place" "Misgivings"
"A New Day" "That's Got His Own" "Final Grades"
Season 5 credits
"More with Less" "Unconfirmed Reports" "Not for Attribution" "Transitions" "React Quotes"
"The Dickensian Aspect" "Took" "Clarifications" "Late Editions" "–30–"


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