The Wire- De'londa Brice

De'londa Brice

De'Londa is the mother of Namond Brice. Namond’s father Wee-Bey Brice is incarcerated for multiple homicides. Although she has adopted Wee-Bey's last name, they are not married. De'Londa raises her son using funds from the criminal organization Wee-Bey worked for and she holds Wee-Bey in high regard as a male role model for Namond. She actively encourages him to get involved in Baltimore's drug trade and uses Wee-Bey's contacts to get him work.

De'Londa owns her own home and spends a relatively large amount on clothes and jewellery compared to her neighbours. She ensures that Namond always wears expensive clothes even when he has misbehaved. De'Londa enjoys regular shopping trips to New York and visits to Atlantic City while leaving Namond to care for himself.

When Brianna Barksdale cuts De'Londa off from the Barksdale empire she decides the only way to support her way of life is to have her son work as a crew chief. She bosses one-time Barksdale lieutenant Bodie Broadus into giving Namond a package of his own and instructs him on how best to sell it. She will not let Namond drop out of school for his new work. [1]

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