O-Dog is a young enforcer in the Stanfield Organization.



O-Dog was trained by Chris Partlow and Snoop.

Season 4

In fall of 2006, O-Dog gave Bodie the Stanfield heroin package, informed him that the profit-sharing arrangement was 60:40, and warned him not to steal Stanfield's earnings. ("Refugees")

O-Dog was later searched by Officer Colicchio of the Western District Drug Enforcement Unit. ("Corner Boys")

O-Dog and Michael Lee witnessed Monk Metcalf shoot Cutty after Cutty attempted to apologize to Michael. ("That's Got His Own")

After Monk saw Bodie with McNulty, Chris and Snoop shot at Bodie's corner to occupy him as O-Dog emerged from a nearby alley and fatally shot Bodie twice in the back of the head. ("Final Grades")

Season 5

In early 2008, O-Dog escorted a rival dealer away from a meeting with Marlo, Snoop, and Savino. ("More with Less")

During a hit on a rival dealer's corner, O-Dog suggested a drive-by shooting to Monk and Snoop. After the drive-by attempt failed, Snoop exited the SUV and successfully shoot one dealer, mocking O-Dog's suggestion. ("Unconfirmed Reports")

O-Dog sustained a gunshot wound to the leg at Monk Metcalf's apartment during the ambush on Omar Little and Donnie alongside Chris, Snoop and Michael. Although Chris killed Donnie and Omar escapes by leaping from a balcony. ("React Quotes")

Maurice Levy and Snoop instructed O-Dog to plead guilty to Chris and Snoop's felony firearms possession charges because he had no prior criminal charges or convictions. After the BPD arrested Marlo, Cheese, Monk, and Chris, O-Dog and Snoop met Michael at his residence to watch the news report on their superiors' arrests. O-Dog inquired if he still had to plead guilty to the felony firearms possession charge. ("Late Editions")



Season 4
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Season 5
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