Lex is an employee of Bodie Broadus in his independent drug dealing operation. 

In "Boys of Summer", the first episode of the fourth season, Lex tracks his child's mother Patrice and Stanfield Organization crew chief Fruit as they leave a nightspot.  Lex shoots Fruit in the head, and Patrice flees the scene.

Later in the episode, Randy Wagstaff gives Lex a message that he is to "meet some girl up the way" behind the playground. When Lex arrives for the meeting, he finds Snoop and Chris Partlow lying in wait.  Stanfield has ordered the hit on Lex in retaliation for Lex killing Fruit.

Bunk Moreland catches the case of Fruit's murder.  Bunk and Ellis Carver try to find Lex on his usual corner, but by then Lex has gone missing, killed by Snoop and Partlow.  Bunk's search for his missing suspect (Lex) becomes one of the plotlines through the show's fourth season.

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