Crystal Judkins is a conscientious eighth grade student at Edward J. Tilghman Middle School.


Season 4

Crystal is a keen student at Edward Tilghman middle school and often helps her teachers outside of school. She works with Assistant Principal Marcia Donnelly over the summer to prepare the school for the new year. She delivers clothes to her impoverished peer Duquan "Dukie" Weems on Donnelly’s behalf. She is in Roland Pryzbylewski's math class with Dukie and advises Prez about Dukie's home circumstances. When a girl is wounded in a fight in Prez's classroom Mrs. Sampson sends Crystal to the office to call an ambulance.



Season 4
"Boys of Summer" "Soft Eyes" "Home Rooms" * "Refugees" * "Alliances" *
"Margin of Error" "Unto Others" "Corner Boys" * "Know Your Place" "Misgivings" *
"A New Day" * "That's Got His Own" "Final Grades"

*Uncredited appearance.

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