Cheryl is the ex-girlfriend of Shakima Greggs.


Season 1

Cheryl is first seen as Greggs's live-in partner; she works in the television news industry and often worries about Kima's safety as a police officer. She hopes that Kima will take a less dangerous job and start a family with her. She also appears to do most of the cooking and cleaning in the relationship.

After Kima's shooting, Cheryl insists that she take a desk job. Kima acquiesced for a time.

Season 2

Cheryl finds this hard to understand, until Kima showed her the conditions in which fourteen girls were murdered. Cheryl jealously insists on accompanying Kima when she went to interview a contact in a strip club.

Cheryl became pregnant via artificial insemination.

Season 3

In 2004, the couple have a young baby boy. Kima begins to spend less time at home, and Cheryl was left to deal with motherhood alone. Kima eventually realizes she does not want to be a parent, and moves out of their shared home.

Season 4

Kima is behind on her child support throughout 2006, but gets some overtime in homicide and visits Cheryl, who is now happy with her new partner.

Season 5



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