The Wire focused largely on the Baltimore docks in its second season, introducing many new characters to the cast. Characters from the docks include the working stevedores and their families as well as the criminal organization that controls smuggling through the Baltimore docks.

Sobotka family

The Sobotka family is a Polish American Baltimore family. The head of the family is Frank, a treasurer for the local union. The Sobotkas are hated by Southeastern District commander Stanislaus Valchek who has a long-standing feud with Frank.

Frank Sobotka
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Frank Sobotka was a respected longshoremen's local union leader who became involved with an organized crime smuggling operation in order to finance a political campaign to sustain the docks.

Joan Sobotka
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Joan is Nick's mother.

Louis Sobotka
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Louis is Frank Sobotka's elder brother and Nick's father.

Nick Sobotka
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A well-liked young Stevedore with extensive family connections to the Baltimore port and links to the criminal underworld.

Ziggy Sobotka
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Ziggy is an impulsive and often reckless young checker at the docks with a desire to prove himself and a respected father to live up to.

Dock workers

The dock workers are all members of the Baltimore Union of the International Brotherhood of Stevedores. They are also hated by Southeastern District commander Stan Valchek who views them as nothing more than dishonorable thieves stealing anything that comes into the port.

Nat Coxson
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Nat Coxson is a bald-headed African-American stevedore who is a union president.

Vernon "Ott" Motley
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Vernon Ott" Motley is a moustached older African-American stevedore.

Little Big Roy
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Little Big Roy is a large, balding, Polish crew chief.

Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa
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Thomas "Horseface" Pakusa is a stevedore and a loyal friend to Frank Sobotka.

Johnny "Fifty" Spamanto
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Johnny "Fifty" Spamanto is a young checker from Frank Sobotka's union.

Big Roy
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Big Roy is a ponytailed white stevedore who is much smaller than his colleague Little Big Roy .

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Chess is an older African-American stevedore.

La La
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La La is a younger African-American stevedore.

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Maui is a physically imposing caucasian stevedore.

The Greeks

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The Greeks are an international smuggling and organized crime organization with several Eastern European members in Baltimore.


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Aimee is Nick Sobotka's girlfriend and they have a daughter named Ashley.

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Delores is the owner of a neighborhood bar frequented by the stevedores.

Bruce DiBiago
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DiBiago is Frank Sobotka's lobbyist with heavy political contacts.


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