The Wire- Omar's banker Butchie


"Mostly Blind" Butchie is Omar Little's bank and advisor. He runs a West-Side Baltimore bar. Butchie is played by S. Robert Morgan.


In season two, Butchie is first seen supplying Corrections Officer Tilghman with the narcotics he sells inside the prison, and later negotiating with Stringer Bell over supplying Tilghman with the poisoned drugs ("hot shots") that killed several prisoners. Later in the season it became apparent that he was a connection to Omar, as Proposition Joe arranged a face-to-face meeting between Omar and Stringer by talking to him.

In season three, his connection to Omar was more apparent, as several scenes showed Omar getting advice from Butchie. Butchie helps Omar find Officer Dozerman's stolen gun. He also returns it to Detective Bunk Moreland for Omar. Butchie later provides Omar with Avon Barksdale's hideout location. Butchie had known the information all along but hoped to protect Omar by withholding it. In the end Avon is arrested before Omar can use Butchie's tip.

In season four, Proposition Joe again contacted Butchie to meet with Omar, this time pitting Omar against Marlo Stanfield by convincing him to rob a card game that Marlo attended. When Marlo contrived to have Omar framed for murder in response, Butchie was Omar's first phone call when he was arrested. Butchie provided him with protection in the prison, sending Donnie to help.[1]

In season 5, in an effort to get back at Omar for the card game robbing, Marlo has his crew of enforcers Chris Partlow and Felicia Pearson (Snoop) track down Butchie. They murder one of his accomplices, then try to torture him into revealing Omar's whereabouts. They shoot him twice in the leg, then smash a bottle over his face. Sensing Butchie's resolve not to give up Omar, Chris eventually kills him with a bullet to the head. One of Butchie's men is purposely left alive so that he can spread the word about what happened and lure Omar back to Baltimore.


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